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Project Activities

The IMIDIA consortium is organized as highly integrative and synergistic approach dividing the project into five different scientific work packages interacting as described in the figure below:

project activities

Scientific focus of IMIDIA Work Packages (WPs):

WP1 Beta-cell precursor and mature beta-cell lines and their use as discovery tool
WP2.A Identification of novel drug targets and biomarkers: study of mouse physiological response to high fat diet and modular analysis of beta cell organization
WP2.B Network for human islet procurement for experimental validation of drug targets and for genetic-genomic analysis
WP3 Beta-cell life and death: identification of novel pathways and sites controlling glucose competence, proliferation and apoptosis
WP4 Non-invasive imaging for in vivo diagnosing beta-cell mass and function in diabetes and following drug treatment
WP5 Data repository and knowledge management