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General Information

Academia, biotechs and pharma industry have joined forces to develop biomarkers and tools to pave the way for improved disease management and ultimately provide a cure for diabetes.

The IMIDIA consortium, consisting of fourteen leading European academic experts in the biology, physiology and genetics of pancreatic beta-cells and in bioinformatics applied to systems biology, together with eight major pharmaceutical industries and one SME, proposes an ambitious project to generate novel disease-focused tools, biomarkers and fundamental knowledge on pancreatic beta-cell organization to accelerate the path to improved management of Diabetes patients.

In the scope of the IMIDIA project, novel approaches on the development of Diabetes will be evaluated by over 35 dedicated researchers in five different scientific work packages with the goal of establishing disease-relevant in vitro and in vivo models as well as identifying biomarkers to monitor progression and treatment of Diabetes.

The IMIDIA project was launched officially on February 1, 2010 and will run as a public-private partnership of the IMI Joint Undertaking for five years.

The IMIDIA consortium is led by sanofi-aventis (W. Kramer), Servier (A. Ktorza) and the University of Lausanne (B. Thorens).